# Collating, Clustering, and Voting

# Phase: 🎨 Problem shaping
Focus: Converge, align


Time commitment: A few minutes to a few hours, depending on complexity of material being evaluated
Difficulty: Moderate
Materials needed: Insights, problems or other items to be synthesized, meeting space (physical or virtual), voting mechanism if needed (physical dot stickers, virtual emoji voting, etc), participants from a variety of technical and cultural perspectives (the more of these, the more useful)
Who should participate: User experience designers, visual designers, product/project owners, community specialists, developers, and/or users
Best for: Synthesizing and ranking diverse information in order to enable decisions about next steps

# About this tool

Collating, clustering and voting aren't so much tools in themselves as they are techniques that enable a wide range of other tools in this toolkit. To that end, we've gathered a number of approaches to collating, clustering and voting here.

# Approaches for collating, clustering and synthesizing

# Approaches for voting

# All-in-one