# About this toolbox

# In brief

A resource for builders and doers who want to design with intention.

This toolbox is an open-source reference intended to help you explore how doing design strategy, research and testing can improve your day-to-day work life — and help us all build better stuff for the users we're striving to serve. It includes a wide set of tools for problem seeking, problem shaping and problem solving, with how-to summaries and resources for learning more.

It was originally created as an in-house project for Protocol Labs (opens new window), but it seemed too useful to the wider community to keep as an internal resource — hence this site. Protocol Labs is a global, fully distributed, asynchronous workplace (opens new window) with a commitment to open-source practices, so that's why the methods in this toolbox are geared toward ways to work in public in a manner in which anyone, in any location or time zone, can fully participate and add value to the creative process.

It's built in Vuepress (opens new window) and deployed over IPFS (opens new window) via Fleek (opens new window). Here's the repo. (opens new window)

# Who made this?

Jessica Schilling (opens new window) started this project. It's open-source, so other people made it, too. Maybe even you!

You can email Jessica at [email protected].

# Contributions welcome!

Your experience and expertise should be reflected in this guide. Please make a PR (opens new window) with your changes! The more, the merrier.

# License

GNU General Public License v3.0